AttributeError: 'Figure' object has no attribute 'plot'

My code

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt"ggplot")
import numpy as np
from mtspec import mtspec
from mtspec.util import _load_mtdata

data = np.loadtxt('262_V01_C00_R000_TEx_BL_4096H.dat')

spec,freq,jackknife,f_statistics,degrees_of_f = mtspec(data=data, delta= 4930.0, time_bandwidth=4 ,number_of_tapers=5, nfft= 4194304, statistics=True)

fig = plt.figure()      
ax2 = fig   
ax2.plot(freq, spec, color='black')
ax2.fill_between(freq, jackknife[:, 0], jackknife[:, 1],color="red", alpha=0.3)
ax2.set_xlim(freq[0], freq[-1])
ax2.set_ylim(0.1E1, 1E5)
ax2.set_xlabel("Frequency $")
ax2.set_ylabel("Power Spectral Density $)")

The problem is with the plotting part of my code.What should I change?I am using Python 2.7 on Ubuntu.

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answered 2 year ago Suever #1

You assign ax2 to a figure object which doesn't have a plot method defined. You want to create your axes using plt.axes instead

ax2 = plt.axes()
# Instead of ax2 = fig

answered 5 day ago Julio C. Kota Renteria #2

instead of calling the figure with:

ax2 = fig #which just references the figure

try using gca() to extract the axes:

ax2 = fig.gca() #which is used to extract the axes

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