Opencv cv::Scalar is not define

I have a reference problem with my project according to OPENCV / CUDA.

Previously everything worked fine, but now that I have restarted the computer, I have a reference error causing more than 1400 Errors.

In my VS2017 project properties I have set :

Additional Include Directory : C:\opencv\opencv-3.4.0-Cuda\include

Additional Library Directories : C:\opencv\opencv-3.4.0-Cuda\x64\vc15\lib\opencv_world340d.lib
Additional Library Directories : C:\opencv\opencv-3.4.0-Cuda\x64\vc15\lib

In my main.h file I have for example

#include "Marker.h" using namespace std; cv::Scalar low_blue = cv::Scalar(95, 50, 100);

With the following error "namespace cv has no member Scalar"


float GetMaxDistance(cv::RotatedRect rectangle, cv::Point2f &centerEnd);

With the following error "namespace cv has no member RotatedRect or Point2f"

If you could give me a hint, it would greatly be appreciated.

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answered 1 week ago Delchris #1

I had to reinstall the VS2017 component cause a referenced .h were changed by mistake

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