If i define prefix_header_file in my Podspec for my local Framework project, what will it be applied to?

I am trying to break out some common code into a Framework project. Since i realized that my framework project will have dependencies of its own, i set up a Podspec for it. In my Framework project, i have a PCH file that i have set up in my target of the project.

The Cocoapods of the framework project finds my local pod, but i could not get the pch to be applied. I realized it was because it was cocoapods, not xcode that has to use my pch file... it seems cocoapods does not care about my "Prefix Header" project build setting.

I found the "prefix_header_file" podspec setting, and it seems to work. However, in the cocoapods documentation, it says

The file path options is not recommended as Pods should not pollute the prefix header of other libraries or of the user project.

So i am wondering, what will happen when i build my app?? What i want, is that when my Framework project is built and used by my other projects, the prefix headers in my PCH file are applied, but only for the headers in my local pod, not the others, like AFNetworking.

Would be great if someone better at Cocoapods could help. Man this is confusing stuff.

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