Solutions to create a cluster split on 2 VMs

I'm looking for some clues on which solution can help me on my problem which is running a kubernetes cluster between 2 VMs.

I'm beginning with Kubernetes and all its possibilities but like everybody I started from a minikube single-node cluster to host my 4 containers respectively hosting mongoDB, redis, rabbitMQ and minio.

enter image description here

The idea is that I need something like minikube to create a cluster like this: enter image description here Moreover, these 2 VMs will run on RedHat EL 7 and won't be local and they may be hosted on different machines

Is it possible to build that architecture with kubeadm?

I may lack some vocabulary or some points may be unclear so I'll refine this post as the thread goes. For the same reason I apologize if this is a duplicate but from what I've seen it's not.

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