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I have a workflow that automatically updates a contact to a specific owner that matches the linked Company owner when a contact record is created. What I want to do is to send an email when an owner changes AFTER a contact record is created. Any idea how I include this in a workflow? At the moment the e-mail is triggering when the first workflow is running which don't want.

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answered 1 week ago Aron #1

What you can do is create a separate workflow that triggers when a Contact gets assigned:


To suppress the email for a period of time you could create a check condition to see if the Assign workflow is running more than X minutes after the CreatedOn time (in this case 15 minutes after).


answered 5 day ago BillV #2

Create a two-option field on the contact called "Creation Completed" or something similar, On the Assign WF put in a conditional branch:

If Creation Completed = false
  Update Creation Completed = true
  Send Email

This should prevent an email being sent when the first workflow reassigns the contact.

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